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This is a blog about the men of Hetalia, of course that means genderbends too. This isn't a yaoi blog, I want to focus on just solo nations to avoid any shipping wars. Though, there will most likely be some nsfw here. I'll try my best to tag it. If you want anything tagged please tell me. I do accept requests, such as certain characters, groups (Axis, Allies, Nordics, etc.), and themes, (Nekotalia,Mochis,April Fools event, Halloween event,etc.), just ask me, don't be shy C: Thanks and enjoy.
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Network ♥ Badge ♥ Application 

Rules and Requirements:

Follow both admins! (You don’t have to, but would be highly appreciated! uwu) I’d highly recommend following the network page though.

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Put the badge somewhere on your blog! If you have trouble, feel free to contact someone, or google for help! uwu

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Benefits of joining

Group chats will be hosted on Skype, and other places. (Since not everyone wants/can get a Skype.)

There will be contests, online games, and events. 

You can also engage with real world games such as Pokemon or ACNL! 

Members will receive promos, selfie reblogs, help with coding, (Or whatever you might need!) and lots of new friends and followers!

This network features roleplaying, fanfics, fanart, AMVs, etc! 

And much more!

Other info!

 Sideblogs are allowed!

Everyone will be accepted!

Applications will be closed sometime next month, but the actual date is uncertain at the moment! I’ll let everyone know soon. qwq

If you have any questions/suggestions either send them to the network or to the main admin

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【 中华人民共和国 ★ People's Republic of China 】


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